I will definitely bring my truck back to CMC Diesel in the future

Carolyn Long
Customer Review
CMC Diesel did the BEST work I have ever had done on my 2000 F250. The alternator broke and left me stranded on the side of the road by Columbus. My truck was towed to their business while I continued on to Bozeman. Clay kept in touch with me as he worked on the truck AND took the time to go over the engine with a fine tooth comb. He and his team found a couple other issues (including a worn timing belt and messed up water pump) that were going to cause me grief in the near future. When I came to pick up my truck, he showed me all the work he had done to it as well as the worn parts--I knew he was not just 'adding on another thing' like so many other places I have taken the truck. He was also honest and clear about continued maintenance and how to prioritize any work I may want done in the future. I will definitely bring my truck back to CMC Diesel in the future--the drive from Bozeman is worth it for honest, reliable, friendly, educated, and trustworthy service.

Super helpful and straight forward

Mike Hibbens
Customer Review
Super helpful, straight forward, knowledgeable, and worked super fast. They worked with me and helped me out.. They have me as a customer for life.. 


This is a clutch gone completely WRONG and something you want to be very sure doesn't happen with your vehicle!  VERY SURE! 

So how do you ensure you are not having an issue with your clutch when most drivers simply get in and drive?  What do you look for?  That is a question many of our customers ask us here at CMC Diesel in Big Timber and one this driver did not.

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Happy Presidents Day! While today actually commemorates George Washington’s birthday, it’s as good a time as any to acknowledge the work of all U.S. presidents, past and present. No matter your political affiliation, join us in thanking all of our past presidents for their service as Commander in Chief. If you have the day off school or work, enjoy the long weekend, and to everyone else, we hope you enjoy the holiday anyway! Happy Presidents Day, from your friends at CMC Diesel in Big Timber.

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